All Things Color for Film and Digital Cinema
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Color Share – Overview

Now Avaliable For Android.


Color Grading Controls
3D LUT’s
Export CDL
Image Effects
Display Color Management

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Coming Soon for Android – 2014 – Cinematography Color Grading Assistant application

Coming Soon For Android 2014- Cinematography Color Grading Assistant application.
Includes : 3D Luts, ASC based SOP grading, Texture Sets, Vignettes, ASC CDL output. Android Screen Calibration. Database for Saved Grades.

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The Great Gatsby.0176068

The Great Gatsby – 3D

Grading stills from the Feature Film “The Great Gatsby”. (2013) Director Baz Luhrmann.

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Happy Feet Two – 3D

Trailer stills from Adrian Hausers recently finished DI work on George Millers “Happy Feet Two”.

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iRiS Stereoscopic Base and Disparity Calculator – 1.1.0 Update – Introducing the Roundness Factor

The Stereoscopic Base and Disparity Calculator 1.1.0 for the Android OS has just been updated and introduces a new base calculation measured around the perceived on-screen Roundness or depth of an image. The new option allows the user to either : Calculate the camera base separation using a predetermined target parallax amount Calculate the camera [...]

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Stereo Slide Viewer

3D – How to “FreeView” 3D Stereoscopic Images

A demonstration on how to FreeView 3D stereo pairs.

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FreeView 2

“Cane Toads – The Conquest” 3D – Mark Lewis – 2010

3D Grading stills from the feature film “CANE TOADS – THE CONQUEST” (2010) Director – Mark Lewis

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Retinal Rivalry in Live action 3D cinematography

Retinal Rivalry – It may be a cool word but its a bitch to fix in post.

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iRiS - Lab timing reference

iRiS – Photochemical Color Timing Reference Image

Here is a color reference image I generated for quickly visualising Color Density Readings. With this information you can immediately determine if the print is a “little magenta” or a “little dark” and pre warn clients before a screening that the neg is OK but this particular print out of that particular days processing bath is a biased in that direction.

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TVC’s 1

Grading Stills From Various TVC’s ’07 – ’08

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Autumn Moon – Clara Law

Grading stills From “Autumn Moon”. Director – Clara Law

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Densitometry for Lookup Tables Pt.1

‘Status M’ and ‘Status A’ Densitometry

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An image from the ishihara test for color blindness

Color Blindness….. and color fatigue

We have all debated with friends, at some time in our lives, the occurrence of perceived color between each other. In terms of the creative license of color rendition from the perspective of any visual artist, the pixels or pigments become a little blurred.

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DI Movie Posters

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ColorShare – Usage

ColorShare for Android   USAGE With the onset on Digital Acquisition systems not everyone can afford an onset colourist or Post facility Colorist to process and grade each take for editorial dailies. More often than not your dailies will be processed as a “1 lite” using typically 2 – 3 different Luts.  If you have [...]

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Color Share – Instructions

   OPEN | SAVE | PREFERENCES   OPEN IMAGE :   Open an image from the SD-Card using your favourite Gallery. Make sure you select the image from a Gallery else currently the app will crash. Choosing an image from “Recent Items” for example will crash the system. Opens Dialog to choose either “Open As [...]

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A nice little freeware Mac OS calibration app for Computer/Laptop Screens

Having always struggled with the Mac OS internal screen calibration tools I found this little software app (free) that does a great job.

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3D Theatrical Projection Problems with Floating Windows – Keystoning

As noted in a prior post on “Floating Windows” there is somewhat of a problem with the theatrical screening of 3D whereby cinema screens cannot for various reasons project a full screen DCI compliant image without physical image masking. Below I outline some possible solutions to this problem. The main problem with both the theatrical [...]

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DCI P3 White Point and color primaries – Measurement Reference – 6300k

Measuring and Calibrating a projectors DCI white point should not only be performed with the projectors internal test patches……..

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Adrian Hauser Baz Luhrmann Simion Duggan

france 2013

France 2013 Photos Paris Opera House – Roof Detail   Somewhere Paris Opera House La Tour Eiffel Carey on the Seine Cannes – The Carlton Hotel on the croisette Cannes Film Festival – Opening Night – The Judges Cannes – Gatsby Premiere After Party Cannes – Gatsby After Party – Florence Welch Notre Dame – [...]

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