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Coming Soon for Android – 2014 – Cinematography Color Grading Assistant application

Screen Grabs from my new Color Grading Application for Android.


Color Grading Modes

  • Collaborate, Share and Manage OnSet “Looks” between DP, Colorist and OnSet DIT.
  • 3D Lut Support
  • Grading Modes – Levels – RGB Exposure ” Printer Lights” – 3 Way Color Correction
  • Database support for “look” tracking and management.
  • Includes effects for additional image treatment. (NB: THESE FUNCTIONS ARE NOT ASC CDL ‘AWARE’ )
    • Textures
    • Vignettes
    • Frames
  • All operations are “Live” and not compounded operations as in many other Android image processing apps.
  • or simply use as a professional Color Grading app for your Phone Stills (Lite Version) saving as PNG or JPEG.

3 Way Color Correction


Effect Modes – Vignette | Texture | Frames | Color Map


All parameters are Live – No pre-rendering required between modes

Application includes:

  • 3d LUT support:
  • ASC SOP color Grading
  • Additional Image Effects
  • Android Screen Color Calibration
  • Export of ASC CDL grade files for Import into any color Grading Application.
  • Internal Database for managing grades:
    • Project Name
      • Shoot Day
        • Clip Name
  • Export Options:
    • “Extended Metadata” ASC CDL .cc file
    • Graded Reference Still
    • Original Ungraded Still
  • Preferences:
    • Help functions On / Off
    • User Name | Project Name | Shoot Day
    • Background Color
    • Load User Luts
    • Screen Calibration




“Cane Toads – The Conquest” 3D – Mark Lewis – 2010

Cane Toads – The Conquest


Director - Mark Lewis

DOP’s - Paul Nichola, Toby Oliver, Kathryn Milliss

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - SI2K 3D

Below are stereo Pair FreeView 3D images. Click on this link for more information about viewing how to view FreeView S3D images

FreeView 1

FreeView 2

FreeView 3

FreeView 4

FreeView 5

FreeView 6

FreeView 7

FreeView 8

FreeView 8

FreeView 9

“Wasted on The Young” – Ben Lucas – 2010

Wasted On The Young


Director - Ben Lucas

DOP - Dan Freene

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Acquisition Format - Panavision Genesis

Projection Format - 35mm 2.35:1

“Needle” – John Soto



Director - John Soto

DOP - Steve Windon ACS

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - RED

Before Grade

After Grade

Before Grade

After Grade

Before Grade

Before Grade

After Grade

“Beneath Hill 60″ – Jeremy Sims

Beneath Hill 60


Director - Jeremy Sims

DOP: Toby Oliver

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - 35mm 3 Perf (S2k Scan)

“Subdivision” – Sue Brooks



Directors - Sue Brooks

DOP: John Stokes

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - 35mm 3 Perf (S2k Scan)

“Daybreakers” – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig



Directors – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig

DOP: Ben Nott

Grading Platform – Baselight 4

Format – Panavision Genesis

“Accidents Happen” – Andrew Lancaster



Accidents Happen 


Director : Andrew Lancaster

DOP: Ben Nott

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format : Panavision Genesis


Wil – Jeremy Weinstein




Director: Jeremy Weinstein

DOP: Martin Smith

Format: 16mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Boytown – Kevin Carlin



Director: Kevin Carlin

DOP: Mark Wareham

Format: 35mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Court Of Lonely Royals – Rohan Hoole


Court Of Lonely Royals

Director : Rohan Hoole

DOP: Marc Windon

Format: 16mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI


Grading Platform - Speedgrade DI

TVC’s 1

Various TVC’s ’07 -’08

The Jammed – Dee McLachlan

The Jammed

Director: Dee McLachlan

DOP: Peter Falk

Format: HDV

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Rats n Cats – Tony Rogers


Rats and Cats

Director : Tony Rogers

DOP – Anna Howard

Grading Platform – Speedgrade DI

Format – HDCam

Storage – Michael Craft



Director : Michael Craft

DOP: Tony Luu

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format : Red – 2k extraction

Irresistable – Ann Turner



Director : Ann Turner

DOP: Martin McGrath

Format : 35mm – 2k Scan

Grading Platform - Speedgrade DI

Grading for inserts into into an otherwise photochemically timed movie. The director wanted looks for these sequences that could not be obtained in the traditional photochemical timing.


Autumn Moon – Clara Law

Autumn Moon 

Director : Clara Law

DOP: Tony Leung Sui Hung

Format: 35mm

Grading Platform – Speedgrade DI

Note some of the before and after grading stills.