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“Daybreakers” – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig



Directors – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig

DOP: Ben Nott

Grading Platform – Baselight 4

Format – Panavision Genesis

D-Lux. Website Live


See Website for more details.

DLux software update

Update and Progress – Dlux Onset monitoring software.

Recently I’ve been quitely buying and studying books on Cocoa programming and OpenGL programming to give the Dlux application more functionality.

Recently added:

- added ASC Color Correction and ASC saturation parameters

- Improved Output of XML and Imaging data to include ASC color SOP data together with 3DLut information.

- Improving handling of Raw Cannon and Nikon DSLR images (intended for film jobs where DOP can send stills of graded DSLR with grading info to rushes facility. 

- Improved handling of Live HDSDI video streams and Live Firewire HD Streams. 

- New release date scheduled for before IBC.

- Improved UI updating when recalling saved presets.

- integrating Full Screen Mode for single or double screen use with external monitor.



DLUX Updated GUI with ASC Color Correction



D-Lux  screen_capture

D-Lux screen_capture