All Things Color for Film and Digital Cinema
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Digital Intermediates – Filmography – Adrian Hauser – DI Colorist

Feature Films – Filmography – Adrian Hauser – Digital Intermediate Colorist

Highlghted Titles have links to stills galleries.

222 – 2015 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Paul Currie DOP: David Eggby
Last Cab to Darwin – 2015 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Jeremy Sims DOP: Steve Arnold
Frackman – 2015 – Various  Baselight 8 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Richard Todd DOP: Richard Todd
Early Winter – 2015 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Michael Rowe DOP: Michael Rowe
Dinosaur Island – 2014 – Various  Baselight 8dinosaur-island-poster Digital Film Colorist Dir: Matt Drummond DOP: Matt Drummond
INFINI – 2014 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8infiniposter Digital Film Colorist Dir:Shane Abbess DOP: Carl Robertson
Only The Dead – 2014 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Bill Guttentag DOP: Michael Ware
What Lola Wants – 2014 – Red Epic  Baselight 810306644_304133756430714_5869085925177622421_n Supervising Colorist Dir: Rupert Glasson DOP: Eric Leach
Predestination – 2013 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 8predestination-poster Digital Film Colorist Dir:Peter Spierig – Michael Spierig DOP: Ben Nott
The Great Gatsby – 2013 – Red Epic  Baselight 829e45160a8b0d3cb09ff930b5f9dc092 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Baz Luhrmann DOP: Simon Duggan
John Doe – 2013 – Red  Baselight 8john_doe_vigilante Digital Finishing Colorist Dir: Kelly Dolen DOP: David Parker
Muirhouse – 2012 – Various  Baselight 8muirhouse-poster Digital Film Colorist Dir: Tanzeal Rahim DOP: Dan Freene
Happy Feet Two 3D2011 – Animation  Baselight 8a82312c02wu Digital Film Colorist Dir: Geroge Miller DOP: -
Wish You Were Here – 2011 – Arri Alexa  Baselight 4wish you were here Digital Film Colorist Dir: Kieran Darcy Smith DOP: Jules Oloughlan
Beneath Hill 60 – 2010 – 35mm 3 Perf  Baselight 4u5MoDUQRii9dEnBAg4PAj5rzqCd Digital Film Colorist Dir: Jeremy Sims DOP: Toby Oliver
Needle – 2010 – Red  Baselight 4needle Digital Film Colorist Dir: John Soto DOP: Stephen Windon
A Heartbeat Away – 2010 – Genesis  Baselight 4a_heartbeat_away_poster01 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Gale Edwards DOP: Robert Humphries
Cane Toads 3D – 2010 – SI2K 3D  Baselight 4CANE TOADS 1SHT.indd Digital Film Colorist Dir: Mark Lewis DOP: Toby Oliver – Paul Nichola – Kathryn Milliss
Wasted on the Young - 2010 – Genesis  Baselight 4 wasted-on-the-young-movie-poster-2010-1020693108 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Ben Lucas DOP: Dan Freene
Daybreakers - 2009 – Genesis  Baselight 4Daybreakers-posterweb Digital Film Colorist Dir: Peter Spierig – Michael Spierig DOP: Ben Nott
Girl Clock – 2009 – Sony F900  Baselight 44407 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Jennifer Ussi DOP: Nicola Daley
Shadows of the Past – 2009 – Sony F900  Baselight 4 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Warren Ryan DOP: David Russell
Subdivision – 2008 – 35mm 3 perf  Baselight 4subdivision Digital Film Colorist Dir: Sue Brooks DOP: John Stokes
Accidents Happen – 2008 – Genesis  Baselight 4accidents_happen Digital Film Colorist Dir: Andrew Lancaster DOP: Ben Nott
Australia – 2008 – 35mm  Baselight 45319da9f9dd9313 Studio Preview Colorist Dir: Baz Luhrman DOP: Mandy Walker
Storage - 2008 – Red  Baselight 4storage-poster_280x415 Digital Film Colorist Dir: Michael Craft DOP: Tony Luu
Lake Mungo – 2007  16mm , 35mm, Super 8  Scratch600full-lake-mungo-poster Digital film Colorist Dir: Joel Anderson DOP: John Brawley
The Jammed – 2006 – HDV  ScratchThe_Jammed_Film Digital film Colorist Dir: Dee McLachlan DOP: Peter Falk
Rats and Cats – 2006 – HDCam  Speedgrade DIrats-and-cats-poster-0 Digital film Colorist Dir: Tony Rogers DOP: Anna Howard
December Boys – 2006 – 35mm  Scratchdecember-boys-movie-poster-2007-1020402805 Digital Sequence Colorist Dir: Rod Hardy DOP: David Connell
the secret – 2006 – Various  Speedgrade DIthe-secret-movie-poster-2006-1020481627 Digital film Colorist Dir: Rhonda Burne DOP: John Hall – Noel Jones
“Words from the city” 2007 – Sony HDV  Speedgrade DI Digital Colorist Dir: Rhys Graham
Five Moments of Infidelity – 2006 – HDCamPandora Poglefivemomentsofinfidelitycover-1 Digital Colorist Dir: Kate Gorman DOP: Greg Parish – Martin Smith
Boytown – 2006 – 35mmSpeedgrade DIboytown-movie-poster-2006-1020442085 DI sequence Colorist Dir: Kevin Carlin DOP: Mark Wareham
Irresistable – 2006 – 35mmSpeedgrade DIirresistible_b DI sequence Colorist Dir: Anne Turner DOP: Martin McGrath
Court of Lonely Royals – 2006 – 16mmSpeedgrade DI Digital film colorist Dir: Rohan Hoole DOP: Marc Windon
Autumn Moon – 2005 – 35mmSpeedgrade DIautumn-moon-movie-poster-1992-1020297792 Restoration Digital film Colorist Dir: Clara Law DOP: Tony Cheung
Wil – 2005 – 16mmSpeedgrade Diwil Digital film Colorist Dir: Jeremy Weinstein DOP: Martin Smith
Max’s Dreaming – 2003 – HDCamAvid Symphony Digital Colorist Dir: Sandra Sciberras DOP: Greg Parish
Trojan Warrior – 2003 – Feature Film – 16mmAvid DS Digital film Colorist Dir: Salik Silverstein DOP: Richard Hosking