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DCI P3 White Point and color primaries – Measurement Reference – 6300k

Projecting a set of white and color primary  test images from your DCP player or software/Hardware solution should give the following readings when properly projected through a calibrated system and measured with an accurate  color meter.

Measuring and calibrating a projectors DCI white point should not only be performed with the projectors internal test patches. I personally argue to test calibration with both the projectors internal test patterns as well as external test patterns because depending on the image interface to the projector from the DCP player or SDI hardware output, experience tells me some of these interfaces/modules can and do add additional adjustments to the color gamut and levels.

Luminance 14 Ft Lamberts

Gamma: 2.6

White:  x 0.314   y 0.351

Red:      x 0.680   y 0.320

Green:  x 0.265   y 0.690

Blue:     x 0.150  y 0.060



2 Responses to “DCI P3 White Point and color primaries – Measurement Reference – 6300k”

  1. Andreas says:

    Is there a tolerances for the given figures defined?

  2. Billy Zullig says:

    But wanna state that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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