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s3d stereoscopic Base and parallax / divergence calculator for Android

ScreenShots from forth coming s3D Base and Parallax Calculator for Android.

9 Responses to “s3d stereoscopic Base and parallax / divergence calculator for Android”

  1. Kyle Baker says:

    Looking forward to the availability of the stereo calculator for Android!

    Know more than a few people that will be interested in this!

    Good on your team for bringing it forward!


  2. percy fung says:

    would like to have a copy of this
    s3d stereoscopic Base and parallax / divergence calculator for Android
    Good job, well done
    Percy, Hong Kong

    • admin says:

      Hi Percy,
      I just sent you a private email with Beta version09 attached.
      There are still a few final bugs im cleaning out but Id love to hear your thoughts.
      Please also let me know your phone Hardware and OS details.

      Pls do not distribute the Beta, the App will be on sale soon for USD $ 20.00.



  3. Brian says:

    Hello Adrian,

    This is great!

    I would love to have the beta copy as well.



    • Adrian says:

      Hi Brian,
      The App is now released on Android Market.

      You can find it on the Android Market or here on

      As its new Im still taking requests and updating regularly.


      • Clyde says:

        Hi Adrian.
        I’d love to review it for the RealVision Stereo3D knowledgebase. As it’s android and affordable, these are qualities I like in tools when they add value and are not exorbitant.

        Personally, I don’t rely on a S3D calculator, but it’s a nice tool to have to many.
        I just picked up one of the Chinese made “Apad” devices for $100, would be a blast if this app actually runs on it!

        Let me know

        • Adrian says:

          Thanks Clyde,
          I’ll check out the apad and see if its compatible.
          Have you run other android apps on it?

          If it looks like it works I’ll shoot you the latest version of
          the Calculator for review.

          Many thanks,


  4. Brian says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I don’t have a android phone (yet), but is there a way I can download this and run it on windows xp with an emulator or something similar?

    Thanks in advance


  5. Brian says:

    Hello again Adrian,

    Is there a way I can contact you via email, or if you contact me first, I can then reply back with my question.



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