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Inter-ocular Distance

iRiS S3D Stereo Base and Disparity Calculator Released

The S3D Base and Disparity Calculator is now officially released on the Android Market.

The S3D Calculator is divided into three Main Screens.

Navigating between the screens is performed by swiping the current page with a horizontal finger gesture.

  1. Initial Simple Base Calculation
  2. Base and Disparity Evaluation and adjustment
  3. Disparity Overview and Analysis

Simple Base Calc

Input Options Include:

  • Camera
  • Camera Active Area
  • Lens
  • Screen Size
  • Screen Resolution
  • Parallax Target
  • Distance Measurement Metric (Meters or Feet)

Base and Disparity Evaluation and adjustment

Disparity overview and analysis

Output Data Includes:

    • Base (inter occular Distance)
    • Field of View
    • Angle of View
    • Total Pixel Parallax
    • Total screen Parallax %
    • Total Screen Parallax (mm)
      • Positive Parallax
      • Negative Parallax
    • Zoom Required
    • Post Convergence Required



    S3D Stereoscopic Screen Parallax / Disparity Calculator

    v1.04 Excel template of my S3D Screen Parallax Calculator.

    It will end up as an OSX app and a Android Mobile Phone Application in the coming weeks.

    Measures Positive and Negative Pixel Parallax of a Stereo Scene on a given Screen Size.


    • Camera Base
    • Focal Length
    • Near Distance
    • Far Distance
    • Focal Distance
    • Sensor Size
    • Projection Ratio
    • Projection Size
    • Projection Resolution
    • Floating Windows