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Post 3D Convergence

The Great Gatsby – 3D

The Great Gatsby


Director: Baz Luhrmann

DOP: Simon Duggan

Studio: Warner Bros

Senior Digital Intermediate Colorist and Stereoscopic Finishing Artist : Adrian Hauser

Grading Hardware: Baselight 8 & Baselight 2

Stereo Finishing  Hardware: Baselight 8 & Baselight 2

Acquisition Format – Red Epic 3D

Projection Format – DCI 2.39:1


The Great Gatsby.0089042


The Great Gatsby.0092281


The Great Gatsby.0092985


The Great Gatsby.0099310


The Great Gatsby.0110466



The Great Gatsby.0108023


The Great Gatsby.0176068

The Great Gatsby.0177515


The Great Gatsby.0178928


The Great Gatsby.0185093


The Great Gatsby.0185922


The Great Gatsby.0187318


The Great Gatsby.0194334


The Great Gatsby.0190217


The Great Gatsby.0191409

The Great Gatsby.0188206


The Great Gatsby.0194414


The Great Gatsby.0196659


The Great Gatsby.0199473


The Great Gatsby.0264524


The Great Gatsby.0265037


The Great Gatsby.0269527


The Great Gatsby.0267293


The Great Gatsby.0271292


The Great Gatsby.0274098


The Great Gatsby.0273370


The Great Gatsby.0346604


The Great Gatsby.0347801


The Great Gatsby.0349733


The Great Gatsby.0351879


The Great Gatsby.0351959


The Great Gatsby.0355258


The Great Gatsby.0354165


The Great Gatsby.0365024


The Great Gatsby.0367479


The Great Gatsby.0370632


The Great Gatsby.0435389


The Great Gatsby.0436257


The Great Gatsby.0437037


The Great Gatsby.0448255


The Great Gatsby.0520499


The Great Gatsby.0522657


The Great Gatsby.0525111


The Great Gatsby.0525278


The Great Gatsby.0526152


The Great Gatsby.0526275


The Great Gatsby.0527282


The Great Gatsby.0531648


The Great Gatsby.0529756


The Great Gatsby.0537003


The Great Gatsby.0535084


The Great Gatsby.0539068


The Great Gatsby.0541615


The Great Gatsby.0543188


The Great Gatsby.0606074


The Great Gatsby.0608663


The Great Gatsby.0611470


The Great Gatsby.0611789


The Great Gatsby.0619046


The Great Gatsby.0618567


The Great Gatsby.0632488


The Great Gatsby.0621281


The Great Gatsby.0624100


The Great Gatsby.0625142


The Great Gatsby.0629033


The Great Gatsby.0630856


The Great Gatsby.0691503


The Great Gatsby.0693004


The Great Gatsby.0695090


The Great Gatsby.0698912

s3d stereoscopic Base and parallax / divergence calculator for Android

ScreenShots from forth coming s3D Base and Parallax Calculator for Android.

Post 3D Convergence

The repositioning of LR convergence in post helps the stereographer to smooth the edit in terms of creating a comfortable 3D viewing experience. Convergence does not effect the Depth of the Shot (inter-ocular distance). It simply focuses the eyes attention to a particular part of the 3D volume at a particular place in the 3D z Depth of the Screen.

By converging 2 points together of a stereo pair we are making that point in the image sit at the screen plane. Anything in front of that plane will appear to come forward of the screen. Anything behind that point will appear behind the screen.

FreeView 1 - Behind the Screen Plane

FreeView 2 - At the Screen Plane

Generally speaking the convergence of an object will be set at or just behind the screen plane. If we converge behind the point of interest, say at the back of someones shoulders, this would force their faces into the auditorium (in front of the screen plane). Such 3D tricks must be carefully thought through as there are  potential problems created. More on those later.

Dynamic convergence can be of help over cut points where there is little option to cut from a foreground image converged at the screen plane to a another shot where we are made to focus beyond the screen plane (Positive Parallax). By use of dynamic convergence we can ramp over time the convergence to push the viewers attention past the screen plane so as the incoming shot will make for a comfortable 3D edit.


Convergence tools and stereo repositioning tools can also help deal with objects that are “Breaking the Frame” and hence the potential cause of eye fatigue. These tools in conjunction with Floating Windows (See post) can hep cure cases of retinal rivalry where one image is present on the edge of screen in one eye but not on the other .

Adrian Hauser