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Swinging Safari







Baulkham hills




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Only The Dead


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The Great Gatsby – 3D

The Great Gatsby


Director: Baz Luhrmann

DOP: Simon Duggan

Studio: Warner Bros

Senior Digital Intermediate Colorist and Stereoscopic Finishing Artist : Adrian Hauser

Grading Hardware: Baselight 8 & Baselight 2

Stereo Finishing  Hardware: Baselight 8 & Baselight 2

Acquisition Format – Red Epic 3D

Projection Format – DCI 2.39:1


The Great Gatsby.0089042


The Great Gatsby.0092281


The Great Gatsby.0092985


The Great Gatsby.0099310


The Great Gatsby.0110466



The Great Gatsby.0108023


The Great Gatsby.0176068

The Great Gatsby.0177515


The Great Gatsby.0178928


The Great Gatsby.0185093


The Great Gatsby.0185922


The Great Gatsby.0187318


The Great Gatsby.0194334


The Great Gatsby.0190217


The Great Gatsby.0191409

The Great Gatsby.0188206


The Great Gatsby.0194414


The Great Gatsby.0196659


The Great Gatsby.0199473


The Great Gatsby.0264524


The Great Gatsby.0265037


The Great Gatsby.0269527


The Great Gatsby.0267293


The Great Gatsby.0271292


The Great Gatsby.0274098


The Great Gatsby.0273370


The Great Gatsby.0346604


The Great Gatsby.0347801


The Great Gatsby.0349733


The Great Gatsby.0351879


The Great Gatsby.0351959


The Great Gatsby.0355258


The Great Gatsby.0354165


The Great Gatsby.0365024


The Great Gatsby.0367479


The Great Gatsby.0370632


The Great Gatsby.0435389


The Great Gatsby.0436257


The Great Gatsby.0437037


The Great Gatsby.0448255


The Great Gatsby.0520499


The Great Gatsby.0522657


The Great Gatsby.0525111


The Great Gatsby.0525278


The Great Gatsby.0526152


The Great Gatsby.0526275


The Great Gatsby.0527282


The Great Gatsby.0531648


The Great Gatsby.0529756


The Great Gatsby.0537003


The Great Gatsby.0535084


The Great Gatsby.0539068


The Great Gatsby.0541615


The Great Gatsby.0543188


The Great Gatsby.0606074


The Great Gatsby.0608663


The Great Gatsby.0611470


The Great Gatsby.0611789


The Great Gatsby.0619046


The Great Gatsby.0618567


The Great Gatsby.0632488


The Great Gatsby.0621281


The Great Gatsby.0624100


The Great Gatsby.0625142


The Great Gatsby.0629033


The Great Gatsby.0630856


The Great Gatsby.0691503


The Great Gatsby.0693004


The Great Gatsby.0695090


The Great Gatsby.0698912

Happy Feet Two – 3D

Happy Feet Two


Director: George Miller

Studio: Warner Brothers

Senior Digital Intermediate Colorist : Adrian Hauser

Graded Stills from the Teaser Trailer

“Cane Toads – The Conquest” 3D – Mark Lewis – 2010

Cane Toads – The Conquest


Director - Mark Lewis

DOP’s - Paul Nichola, Toby Oliver, Kathryn Milliss

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - SI2K 3D

Below are stereo Pair FreeView 3D images. Click on this link for more information about viewing how to view FreeView S3D images

FreeView 1

FreeView 2

FreeView 3

FreeView 4

FreeView 5

FreeView 6

FreeView 7

FreeView 8

FreeView 8

FreeView 9

“Wasted on The Young” – Ben Lucas – 2010

Wasted On The Young


Director - Ben Lucas

DOP - Dan Freene

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Acquisition Format - Panavision Genesis

Projection Format - 35mm 2.35:1

“Needle” – John Soto



Director - John Soto

DOP - Steve Windon ACS

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - RED

Before Grade

After Grade

Before Grade

After Grade

Before Grade

Before Grade

After Grade

“Beneath Hill 60″ – Jeremy Sims

Beneath Hill 60


Director - Jeremy Sims

DOP: Toby Oliver

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - 35mm 3 Perf (S2k Scan)

“Subdivision” – Sue Brooks



Directors - Sue Brooks

DOP: John Stokes

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format - 35mm 3 Perf (S2k Scan)

“Daybreakers” – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig



Directors – Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig

DOP: Ben Nott

Grading Platform – Baselight 4

Format – Panavision Genesis

“Accidents Happen” – Andrew Lancaster



Accidents Happen 


Director : Andrew Lancaster

DOP: Ben Nott

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format : Panavision Genesis


Wil – Jeremy Weinstein




Director: Jeremy Weinstein

DOP: Martin Smith

Format: 16mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Boytown – Kevin Carlin



Director: Kevin Carlin

DOP: Mark Wareham

Format: 35mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Court Of Lonely Royals – Rohan Hoole


Court Of Lonely Royals

Director : Rohan Hoole

DOP: Marc Windon

Format: 16mm

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI


Grading Platform - Speedgrade DI

The Jammed – Dee McLachlan

The Jammed

Director: Dee McLachlan

DOP: Peter Falk

Format: HDV

Grading Platform: Speedgrade DI

Rats n Cats – Tony Rogers


Rats and Cats

Director : Tony Rogers

DOP – Anna Howard

Grading Platform – Speedgrade DI

Format – HDCam

Storage – Michael Craft



Director : Michael Craft

DOP: Tony Luu

Grading Platform - Baselight 4

Format : Red – 2k extraction

Irresistable – Ann Turner



Director : Ann Turner

DOP: Martin McGrath

Format : 35mm – 2k Scan

Grading Platform - Speedgrade DI

Grading for inserts into into an otherwise photochemically timed movie. The director wanted looks for these sequences that could not be obtained in the traditional photochemical timing.


Autumn Moon – Clara Law

Autumn Moon 

Director : Clara Law

DOP: Tony Leung Sui Hung

Format: 35mm

Grading Platform – Speedgrade DI

Note some of the before and after grading stills.