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Film Scanning

The film scanner as a densitometer


The Spirit 4k Datacine

The Spirit 4k Datacine

Why all these posts on Densitometry?


Because for me to understand the nature of how a scanner accurately scans and represents the filmed dynamic values and colors of a scene I delved in to the science of  the sensitometry of film. 

The color film scanner functions very much like a densitometer. A light is passed through the film, detected and its optical density read by a sensor. In digital imaging, color needs to be defined by three components Red, Green and Blue. Each pixel on the array of the scanner reads the Color density of the section of the image hitting its photosite and converts the results into data values which are then read into a file for each frame. 

The understanding of things like densitometry and the sensitometry of film has helped me in being able to deliver the best most accurate scans that deliver the creative intent and the pure colorimetry of a scene. To come later will be posts on color cross talk and purity.